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Docs should be drivers of cellphone safety July 31, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns - Associate Editor
Alongside counsel for heart disease, diabetes, allergies and other conditions, researchers from the University of Alberta also insist that family physicians broach the topic of cellphone safety with patients, especially the dangers of dialing and driving.
On the allure of organized medicine July 18, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns - Associate Editor
One tends to be more empowered when they recognize where in a particular machine their cog fits. For physicians, according to AMA President-elect Ardis Dee Hoven, MD, that sense of security and control can arise with considerable strength from organized medicine.
Protecting against heat-related illness July 02, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns - Associate Editor
From vacations, beach days, and flowers in full bloom to tourists in full water-gear, popsicles and theme parks, summer is a season known for its sizzle. But alongside their many glories, the hotter months are also known to bring the heat in ways that can jeopardize patient health to the extreme.
Policy exempts American Indians June 27, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Policy exempts American Indians and Alaska Natives from shared responsibility payment
Prior to development of the final rule, only a portion of the American Indian and Alaska Native population - members of federally recognized tribes - would have access to an exemption from the requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage under the law.
Task force recommends hepatitis C screening for baby boomers June 25, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Task force recommends hepatitis C screening for baby boomers
HCV infection is most prevalent among baby boomers -- a population of approximately 80 million individuals -- and many of them are unaware that they are infected. The USPSTF rating of "B" on the recommendation paves the way for payment by Medicare and private insurers with no co-pay by patients.
Do you test seniors for HIV? June 20, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Do you test seniors for HIV?
Risk of HIV infection does not diminish with age, according to the Department of Health & Human Services. In fact, in 2011, there were over 2,000 newly reported cases of HIV among individuals aged 60 and over. Medicare beneficiaries are covered for preventive services such as screening for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
Bronze Plans may cost consumers more June 19, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Rate filings show Bronze Plans may be costlier for consumers
New analysis from HealthPocket finds that Bronze Plans, the least expensive plans under the Affordable Care Act, have higher out-of-pocket costs for consumers compared to current plans in the individual and family insurance market.
How the High Court saved genetic innovation June 13, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns - Associate Editor
Wild helices just can’t be patented, but leave it to some corporate wranglers to give it the old cowboy try anyway.