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Should we care if doctors drop Medicare? August 06, 2013 | David Williams - Health Business Blog
David Williams
Does it really make sense to use an insurance mechanism for routine, relatively low-cost expenditures such as primary care?
Physician payment bill advances through House committee August 02, 2013 | Mary Mosquera - Contributing Editor
Physician payment bill
The House Energy and Commerce Committee on July 31 unanimously approved legislation to repeal and replace the sustainable growth rate formula. As Congress adjourns for its annual recess, the bill moves to consideration by the full House of Representatives.
Physicians should prepare for Sunshine Act's advent July 31, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Physicians should prepare for Sunshine Act's advent
Starting Aug. 1, pharmaceutical and medical device companies must begin tracking and preparing to publicly report payments and other transfers of value made to physicians under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Doctors should ask industry representatives for an opportunity to review and, if necessary, correct all information that will be submitted to the government.
How to manage cash needs ahead of ICD-10 transition July 30, 2013 | Mary Mosquera - Contributing Editor
How to manage cash needs ahead of ICD-10 transition
Providers should be prepared to pay rent and staff salaries if the transition does not flow as smoothly as anticipated. Experts advise having up to several months' cash reserves or access to cash through a loan or line of credit to avoid potential headaches.
Individual mandate opposition gets new life July 29, 2013 | Anthony Brino - Contributing Writer
Anthony Brino
Efforts by Republican lawmakers to delay or repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate got renewed media coverage in July.
Yelp, Google…and Medicare July 26, 2013 | Zachary Landman, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Doctorbase
Zachary Landman, MD
Physicians and hospital groups should embrace the coming age of hospital shopping and comparison and seek to guide its best practice.
House calls making a comeback July 23, 2013 | Stephanie Bouchard - Associate Editor
House call
Advocates say it makes sense to extract the frail elderly out of the "industrialized medicine" system and put them in a parallel system based on home health services. The potential for cost savings for a population that is one of the biggest drivers of healthcare costs has caught the attention of policy-makers.
How big data will enable precise treatments July 22, 2013 | Jeff Rowe - Contributing Writer
big data will enable precise treatments
As Ted Driscoll, digital health director at venture capital firm Claremont Creek Ventures, sees it, the explosion of health data is a definite boon for personalized medicine. Here are 5 ways big data is facilitating the rise of personalized medicine.