EHR adoption
Electronic health record adoption has passed 50 percent in the United States; however, some states deserve more credit than others. This infographic by Health Biz Decoded breaks down which states have the highest EHR and e-prescribing rates, and which have some catching up to do.
CMS quantifies how EHRs improve care July 18, 2013 | Mike Miliard - Managing Editor
CMS quantifies how EHRs are improving care
Since 2011, according to the agency, providers have checked drug and medication interactions to ensure patient safety more than 40 million times through the use of EHRs. Providers have also shared more than 4.3 million care summaries with other providers when patients moved between care settings.
Practices reach paperless pinnacle July 09, 2013 | Diana Manos
Ambulatory practices reach paperless pinnacle
Bon Secours in Virginia is among the nation's first health systems to be recognized by HIMSS Analytics for having physician clinics attain Stage 7 of the EMR Adoption Model, which charts a path to a fully paperless medical records environment.
FDA proposal to revise labeling regulations will improve drug safety July 08, 2013 | Sidney Wolfe, MD - Founder and Senior Adviser, Public Citizen's Health Research Group
Sidney Wolfe
Under current FDA regulations, generic manufacturers cannot update their products' labeling, even if they become aware of a potential risk not stated in the labeling.
Antibiotics may raise statin toxicity risk June 18, 2013 | Frank Irving - Editor
Certain antibiotics may raise risk of statin toxicity
Older patients taking statins should not be prescribed the antibiotics clarithromycin or erythromycin due to increased risk for statin toxicity, according to a study published in the June 18 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.
Rule allows higher out-of-pocket spending June 12, 2013 | Kaiser Health News - www.kaiserhealthnews.org
Federal rule allows higher out-of-pocket spending
Starting next year, the Affordable Care Act sets maximum limits on how much consumers can be required to pay out-of-pocket annually for their medical care. But some people with high drug costs may find the limits don't protect them yet. That's because the federal government is giving some health plans extra time to comply with the rules.
Avandia: A drug that should be banned June 07, 2013 | Sidney Wolfe, MD - Founder and Senior Adviser, Public Citizen's Health Research Group
Sidney Wolfe
Since late 2010, when the diabetes drug Avandia was removed from the market in Europe because of its cardiovascular risks, approximately 132,000 Americans have been prescribed this dangerous drug, likely resulting in hundreds, or more, serious - and sometimes fatal - adverse reactions, including heart failure and heart attacks.
The benefits of e-prescribing May 20, 2013 | Molly Merrill - Contributing writer
The benefits of e-prescribing
Using an e-prescribing system integrated with its EHR, East Lake Pediatrics in Trinity, Fla., not only cuts down on wait times for patients, but improves efficiency for physicians and staff as well.