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Future looking bright for aging eyes June 28, 2012 | Madelyn Kearns
One thing has become clearer for the current crop of senior citizens — their eyesight. A Northwestern Medicine study has found that there are fewer visual impairment problems reported amongst today’s elderly compared to those in the same demographic from generations previous.
What to watch for in the regulation of mobile health IT June 27, 2012 | Michelle McNickle - New Media Producer
The American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think tank, recently hosted an event to explore regulatory threats to mobile health technologies.Here are six points to consider regarding the government's role in regulating medical apps and other forms of mobile health IT.
Harvard research links EHR use with malpractice claims reductions June 26, 2012 | Mike Miliard - Managing Editor
Electronic health records hold promise along many avenues ranging from clinical documentation to coordination of care. And now, according to Harvard Medical School researchers, another advantage can be added to the list of potential benefits: a reduction in malpractice claims among EHR users.
With National HIV Testing Day approaching on June 27, the non-profit AIDS Institute advises that there are more opportunities than ever for HIV testing to be paid for by third-party payers. And if the Affordable Care Act remains intact following constitutional review by the U.S. Supreme Court later this week, there will be even more testing opportunities the near future.
Provoking providers to Direct exchange new prerogative in select states June 21, 2012 | Mary Mosquera - Contributing Editor
Physicians and hospitals can disclose health information electronically and securely with recipients they know now that 27 states and Guam have gone live with simple directed exchange.
New research conducted by a triumvirate of biological and medical research institutions has yielded a novel technique by which powerful antibiotics can be fashioned to fight infection without invoking hearing detriment.
Emerging technologies target chronic illnesses June 13, 2012 | Rene Letourneau - Managing Editor
A new report from health policy institute NEHI names 11 emerging technologies that could improve care and lower costs for chronic disease patients. The technologies reflect the growing emphasis on empowering patients to monitor their own care through the use of mobile platforms, social networking and home-based tele health.
HIE making a difference in 4 key areas June 11, 2012 | Michelle McNickle - New Media Producer
A community health information exchange (HIE) is streamlining operations and improving quality of care in one of the country's most challenging healthcare environments. During the HIMSS Virtual Conference and Expo on June 6, David Kendrick, MD, CEO of MyHealth Access Network, an Oklahoma-based Beacon Community, summarized his HIE implementation experience.