WCH Service Bureau Introduces ICode by Doctors for Doctors Who Want to Maximize Office Time and Minimize Data Entry for EMR/EHR Systems

WCH Service Bureau, a leader in providing medical billing, credentialing, EHR and other supporting services for health care providers in the tri state area, is introducing the ICode service.

WCH ICode will enable doctors to focus more time on patient care with less effort required to accurately complete medical documentation.

"Practitioners that are using EMR/EHR systems are realizing that inputting diagnostic and procedure codes as well as treatment notes "the new way" is taking up to 20 percent more time than "the old way," explains WCH CEO Aleksandr Romanychev. "Whether an office has a digital records system or not, a provider's time is too valuable to be spent essentially doing data entry and coding."

WCH ICode uses the brief notes taken during the patient exam which are processed by WCH's staff of medical doctors and nurses; Certified Professional Coders as well as Certified Professional Medical Auditors. The team creates a complete electronic medical record as an electronic progress note, then codes, audits and bills, all with minimal doctor involvement at a fraction of the time it takes for the doctor's office to process themselves. The provider then simply receives the finished form for approval and signature.

At a more convenient time, the provider simply reviews and approves or adjusts the information after WCH has checked it to ensure that it complies with all regulations and proper medical documentation guidelines.

"We know that providers need to spend every hour possible seeing patients to ensure that they are maximizing their time and resources," Mr. Romanychev explains. "For a small hourly cost, that is minimal compared with doctors billable time, they can eliminate the hours of data input and overcome the tedious, time consuming record inputting. "WCH ICode will help them save time allowing medical providers to focus on patient care, thus, increasing revenue while reducing the great risk associated with improper medical documentation in case of an insurance company audit. Furthermore, it allows medical providers to have more leisure time rather than catching up on creating medical records after hours. "

WCH ICode:
· Brings more income to the practice as a result of saved office time to see more patients
· Reduces the risks associated with improper medical documentation
· Ensures that the work will be completed and not lost in the process
· Provides professional workforce to write documentation
· Frees doctors' after hours time to spend on other activities