VitalHealth Software announces cloud-based EHR solution for eye care providers in partnership with VisionWeb

VitalHealth Software, a leading global provider of web-based solutions for collaborative health management established by Mayo Clinic and the Noaber Foundation, today announces the release of a cloud based next generation EHR solution for eye care practices, which is being demonstrated this week at the annual American Optometric Association conference in San Diego. The VitalHealth EHR will be available to eye care providers exclusively through Uprise, a practice management and EHR solution from VisionWeb, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for eye care professionals. Uprise functionality includes a fully integrated practice management component, insurance reimbursement processing, and online ophthalmic product ordering and tracking.

³We are excited to see our specialty practice EHR platform applied to the field of eye care, says Blair Butterfield, President of VitalHealth Software for North America. Designed with Mayo Clinic, the VitalHealth EHR is certified for Meaningful Use, and is based on a configurable architecture that enables the base EHR to be tailored to specific specialty practice workflows. Says Butterfield: Our partnership with VisionWeb as an established and experienced leader in the eye care industry allows us to focus on our core competency, which is to provide a next-generation cloud-based EHR platform.

We realized that in order to support the multitude of exam types and specific workflows typical for eye care practices, we needed an EHR that was built on adaptable technology. The VitalHealth EHR has proven to be the ideal platform for tailoring a base EHR to a specific specialty, while at the same time supporting standards based integrations to our fully integrated cloud-based practice management, reimbursement, and ordering platform, says Ken Engelhart, President and CEO of VisionWeb.

The Uprise solution shares an intuitive user interface with a common look and feel across the practice management and EHR functionality. It is designed to function equally well on existing workstation and laptop based form factors as well as on tablet devices, such as an iPad. The user interface features intuitive sliders and touch-based UI controls to streamline data input, eliminating dozens of clicks from each exam while making the process intuitive and effortless.

We optimize our practice for a smooth patient flow from intake througH exams to selecting and ordering appropriate products,² says Salem, Ohio based Dr. Lorie Lippiatt. We need our software solutions to match our processes with maximum mobility and minimum data entry, with an integrated flow of patient information between medical record and practice management functions.

Uprise is a fully integrated cloud-based solution that is offered by VisionWeb on a subscription basis. The cloud-based architecture eliminates the pitfalls of more traditional client-server based installations, such as server hardware upgrades, software patches and backup scenarios.

Our practice prides itself on providing the best possible eye care using the best available technology, says Plano, Texas based Dr. Kim Castleberry. I don¹t have the time or desire to focus on maintaining a local infrastructure of hardware and software to run my practice. Cloud technology is a natural extension of the mobile revolution that has taken the consumer and the professional market by storm. I am a long-term EHR user, and as such I particularly love the intuitive, optimized workflow that lets me enter patient data easily and accurately, allowing me maximum time to interact directly with each patient and ensure they have an optimal eye care experience in our clinics.

With built-in clinical decision support, configurable exam flows and auto-generated diagnosis and coding where appropriate, the VitalHealth EHR platform focuses on simplifying the process of interaction with the software, while at the same time enabling practices to pursue Meaningful Use incentives.

Says Butterfield, Our core EHR achieved Meaningful Use status back in 2010, and we are now preparing to become recertified on the 2014 requirements, and doing so in a way that minimizes disruption of practice workflow and maximizes the usability and core clinical value of the solution. We are very excited to have provided the EHR component of the ground-breaking Uprise solution, which truly promises to transform the way IT is adopted and utilized in eye care.