New app, MedXCom, to improve physician and patient communication

Giffen Solutions, Inc. (, an electronic health information network company founded by physicians, announced today the launch of its new smartphone app, MedXCom, designed to streamline communications and improve physicians' practices and work flow.

"The use of cell phone conversations has increased drastically with patients and MedXCom is a new service that will record, transcribe and archive all your conversations, potentially protecting you from lawsuits regarding communication on calls," said Dr. Michael Nusbaum, Founder and CEO of Giffen Solutions, Inc. "MedXCom is an easy to implement, cost effective, fully automated communications system that is custom designed to meet the needs of individual practices, office staff and patients."

"We realize that for healthcare practices, the hub of communications is a practice's telephone system. By controlling the flow of telecommunication between patients, doctors, and other health care providers, communications are combined with relevant medical data and made to flow efficiently," says Dr. Nusbaum. "MedXCom makes pertinent and critical patient information available to physicians when it is needed most: at the time of patient contact. This enhances a patient's quality of care while safeguarding physicians."

MedXCom allows physicians to download the app to their smartphones, tablets and computers to improve physician and patient interaction and enhance quality of healthcare through innovative technologies. The app is designed to allow physicians to access a patient's complete health profile when a call comes through, prescribe medication electronically, record all calls for rapid transcription while archiving all conversations for future reference, connect directly with colleagues, and control personal on-call status.

"MedXCom's web-based communications and secure health information network (SHIN) platform is revolutionary in its design and ability to connect physician's with patients and their health profiles," says Dr. Nusbaum. "The ability to have all secure pertinent information at your fingertips while all communications are recorded and archived is crucial in today's environment."

MedXCom also provides customer support along with MedXVault, a free app for patients to record all their medical information and communicate with doctors. Dr. Nusbaum co-founded Hamilton EMR in 1998, which was recently sold. Dr. Nusbaum and his team at Giffen are dedicated to improving health care, communication, and compliance through innovative technology.