EHE International announces nationwide expansion of its physician network

EHE International, the nation's largest specialty preventive medicine practice organization, announced today that it has immediate market opportunities for qualified physician practice groups to join its private network to accommodate this growth. Entering its centennial year, EHE International is the recognized leader in employer-sponsored preventive medicine programs. These programs are designed for the early detection of life-threatening chronic disease and its associated life-style behaviors by way of comprehensive physical exams and clinical counseling.

2012 has been a year of exceptional growth for EHE International," said Deborah McKeever, the company's president. "This growth stems from Fortune 500 employers including EHE International's physician-led preventive care programs under their self-insured medical plans. Our clinical protocols are specifically designed for the early detection of disease and to identify health risks and lifestyle behaviors attributable to preventable chronic disease." EHE International's patient care protocols are developed by an independent Medical Advisory Board with expertise in evidence-based preventive medicine.

The company's private network of certified physician partners offering EHE International's programs spans 42 states. "Each employee receives a comprehensive annual physical exam complemented by preventive medicine screenings that are aligned with their age, gender, family and personal health histories, and personal need. These include extensive blood and urine analysis, mammograms, cardiac stress testing, vascular screening, and colonoscopies, all as deemed medically appropriate," said McKeever.

Immediate new and expanded market opportunities for internal medicine, radiology, cardiology, and gastroenterology specialists are now open in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Interested physicians and physician practice managers should contact EHE International Director Michael Pokrywka at 212.332.3025 or .

"The rate of growth and demand for our services we're experiencing is unrelated to the recent passing of the Affordable Care Act, but rather comes from employers who recognize that their [often] long-standing inclusion of covered preventive benefits in their medical plans has not, cannot yield effective measures in cost reduction of preventable disease in of themselves," says McKeever. "Since we first opened our doors in 1913, preventing disease been EHE International's philosophy. Seems like we were onto something then-and now."

About EHE International

Since 1913, EHE International has been the nationally recognized leader in preventive medicine programs. Its clinical protocols are specifically designed for early detection of preventable disease and associated risk factors, supported by robust personal coaching and health management tools and resources. EHE International is the oldest and largest preventive medicine specialist and its clinically based educational and social engagement platforms are the preferred choice among America's leading employers. For more information, visit