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Frank Irving, Editor of PhysBizTech

Not long ago, my primary care physician concluded an office visit by explaining the antibiotics he had prescribed for my sinusitis. He then reached for his smartphone.

“Which pharmacy do you use?” he asked.

“CVS,” I blithely replied.

With a wry smile that revealed a deep well of patience, he reminded me that CVS had about 60 locations in the immediate area. “I mean which store.”

“Oh, sorry, the one on Welsh Road.”

He tapped out a final entry on his phone and offered a handshake. “Okay, great. It’ll be ready when you get there.”

I was immediately impressed by my doctor’s simple, yet effective, use of technology. Through the integration of an e-prescribing function into his normal workflow, he’d passed along a valued convenience to me: He’d spared me at least a 20-minute wait for a prescription fill at the pharmacy. Who wants to endure that when not feeling well?

A single source for forward-thinking practices
That experience stays with me as I welcome you to PhysBizTech, a multi-platform, online publication providing business and technology intelligence for small and medium-sized physician practices. PhysBizTech comes to you from the leadership team behind the award-winning brands Healthcare IT News and Healthcare Finance News. Our mission is to be a comprehensive and trusted source of information to help you understand and evaluate technologies that can maximize practice efficiency.

We recognize that you have your hands full keeping up with policy, regulatory and compliance developments…all while trying to do what you were trained to do — care for patients. PhysBizTech will cut through the clutter so you can make better, quicker and more cost-effective decisions as you manage and grow your practice.

Through our five core content areas — Business, Technology, Patient Care, Compliance and Professional Development — PhysBizTech will deliver daily news coverage on topics such as meaningful use, ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010, as well as how-to advice on practice management issues including Medicare/Medicaid payment policies, billing and collections, outsourcing, process improvement, and staff hiring and development.

And you’ll be able to access PhysBizTech wherever you go via our website, mobile apps for your device of choice and two weekly e-newsletters.

In all, PhysBizTech will offer a go-to combination of resources tailored to today’s forward-thinking practices. Please take a moment to complete our brief sign-up form so you can stay on top of the latest healthcare technology and compliance information.

Cordially yours,

Frank Irving
PhysBizTech Editor