Using the iPad for charge capture

Cosme Lozano, MD, a self-taught technologist who's been in practice nearly 20 years, has made the transition from recording charges on paper to entering them on his iPad through a mobile EHR app.

Lozano's work at his psychiatric/ clinical research practice in Joliet, Ill., takes him to multiple sites – hospitals and nursing homes -- beyond his home office. "In the past, when I needed insurance information on patients, I had to get it on paper because I had no connection to my EHR," he explained. "There were times when I misplaced the paperwork and it ended up costing me money. Essentially I provided free service for those days."

A fan of the iPad since its debut, Lozano had experience with various mobile apps – "whatever I could get my hands on to potentially apply to the business," he said. Examples included desktop-access and file-sharing apps. Then, around the beginning of October 2012, he accepted an offer to become a beta tester for the charge-capture component of ADP AdvancedMD's iPad app.

Now, when he's in out-of-office settings, he can immediately capture charges for each visit on his iPad. That information is instantly integrated with the AdvancedMD EHR and can be accessed by his billing service. "That allows us to expedite the payment process," Lozano told PhysBizTech. "The faster we can get paid, the faster we can pay our overhead and pay our providers."

He's also used the Review Bin feature of the app to confirm information with his billing personnel. "I've cross-checked it to determine whether the charges I've submitted are being processed through and showing up on the billing end," he said. That has happened time after time, according to Lozano, so he is confident in the data flow.

ADP AdvancedMD runs on all versions of the iPad, including the new iPad mini, which is small enough to fit in a physician's lab coat pocket. "The entire charge capture can be completed in about ten seconds on the iPad or iPad Mini – by navigating to patient name, charge capture tab and touching the completed procedures on the screen," said Steven ZoBell, vice president of product development at ADP AdvancedMD, in a Nov. 19 announcement introducing the iPad charge capture function.

Lozano is onboard with that line of thinking. "What I'm looking for is mobility," he commented. "That's why I'm a big proponent of the iPad and iPhone. In fact, I'll probably invest in an iPad Mini soon because of its small size. It will be easier to carry when moving from place to place."

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