Survey finds decrease in personal incomes across various physician specialties

Incoming: According to the 2012 Physician Compensation Survey, as conducted by Physicians Practice, doctor pay is suffering a significant decline.

Data was compiled on the basis of personal income, practice overhead, practice outlook and other financial issues physicians ascribing to various specialties experience.

Nearly 21 percent of the survey’s participants claimed that their incomes decreased by more then 10 percent when compared to 2011. Furthermore, a third of the surveyed described practice viability as “shaky” — most rigorous labor is devoted to simply maintaining income rather than raising it. A third of those queried also admitted that their practices weren’t experiencing any type of monumental growth.

Other findings of merit include the following:

All data and information from Physicians Practice “The 2012 Physician Compensation Survey.” Presentation by PhysBizTech.

“Fewer physicians than ever report being owners or partners of their own practices, as hospitals and health systems continue to seek market share through direct employment and practice ownership and smaller group practices consolidate,” the survey noted.

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