Supreme Court ruling expected within days

The Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act may come on Wednesday June 27 or Thursday June 28, according to Kaiser Health News (KHN) Daily Report, a summary of health policy coverage from more than 300 news organizations. The high court sometimes hands down decisions on Mondays, but there have been no indications thus far that a ruling would drop on June 25.

KHN quoted a New York Times report with the following rationale:

"It is the chief justice’s practice on the next-to-last day of the term to announce that the following session will be the final one. The last scheduled day for handing down decisions is Monday [June 25], and yet Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. made no announcement on Thursday [June 21] that Monday would be the final day. That suggests that there will be at least one additional day for decisions next week after Monday. It is a good bet that the health care decision will come on the last day, which may be Wednesday or Thursday."

KHN also cited a Boston Globe report:

"Another morning of Supreme Court opinions came and went Thursday [June 21] with no ruling on the national health care law, pushing the court’s most anticipated decision in years to the final week of June."

Also waiting in the wings before the close of the court's session is the justices' determination on Arizona's immigration law.

Stay tuned for a monumental coming week on the legal front.

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