Policies in Practice guide updates previous Markle resource

A new resource from The Markle Foundation provides guidance from a diverse group of experts in areas such as health information technology, privacy and consumer engagement. The Policies in Practice guide, released by Markle on May 3, is intended to help organizations implementing health IT navigate governance, individual consent, procurement and other areas related to secure information sharing.

Policies in Practice updates a similar resource, the Common Framework, released by Markle in 2006. Since then, the health IT landscape has dramatically transformed, Markle officials noted, with the passage of the HiTECH Act, new waves of regulation and increased investment in and adoption of health IT.

Markle President Zoë Baird Budinger said the foundation produced the guide to address some of the key issues and concerns expressed by those implementing health information sharing efforts at the local, state and regional level.

“The landscape for health information sharing is changing,” said Laura Bailyn, senior director for health initiatives at Markle. “As health information sharing needs and capabilities continue to evolve, it is critical to incorporate new knowledge and lessons learned.”

Bailyn emphasized that the Policies in Practice are not intended to replace the original Markle Common Framework, but to supplement it.

The new Policies in Practice addresses key laws and regulations, consent issues, individual access, governance and procurement.

Find a copy of the new Policies in Practice here.

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