PAHCOM offers HIT certification program for practice managers

The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM) has launched a health information technology (HIT) certification program for practice managers. The Health Information Technology Certified Manager for Physician Practice (HITCM-PP) will welcome its first testing group on Oct. 15 at 9:00 am in conjunction with The 24th Annual PAHCOM Conference in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

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The HITCM-PP credential was created for practice managers responsible for leading their practices through HIT implementation and utilization so they can more effectively improve patient outcomes, practice efficiency and revenues, according to a release issued by PAHCOM. The HITCM-PP program emphasizes HIT-related workflow process optimization, HIT security and privacy, and federal and state HIT-related regulations and policies.

PAHCOM Director Karen Blanchette commented, "Certification makes a difference not only on the clinical side of the practice, but also the clerical side. Health information technology is too critical to be overlooked."

Designed for practice managers in solo and small group physician practice settings, the HITCM-PP program is meant to ensure the competency of practice managers for current and future HIT operations, PAHCOM said.

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The examination evaluates the candidates’ knowledge of nine critical HIT components of the small practice, including EHRs, meaningful use and ICD-10.

David Willis, MD, and Kendra Siler-Marsiglio, PhD, of CommunityHealth IT, led development of the HITCM-PP Program. CommunityHealth IT is a nationally recognized 43-organization coordinating body for regional disease management and HIT projects ranging from systematically expanding broadband to facilitating EHR implementation and exchanging electronic health information.

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