MGMA survey finds smaller practices ahead in administrator compensation rates

Great things should come in all sizes.

Thus emerges the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)'s mantra, an all-encompassing philosophy that the organization hopes will trickle down through the healthcare ranks and ferment in all codes of medical conduct. According to the MGMA’s Management Compensation Survey: 2012 Report Based on 2011 Data, practices of small to medium physician size are already noticing the condensation.

Groups of practice administrators accompanied by anywhere from seven to 25 full-time-equivalent (FTE) physicians reported a median compensation of $120,486 — a 4.8 percent increase from 2010 — when queried by surveyors. On the more robust side, groups with 26 or more FTE physicians and practice administrators identified a 2.8 percent decrease in median compensation. Within the smallest practices (six or fewer FTE physicians) a median compensation of $88,117 was reported.

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Practice administrators affiliated with MGMA-ACMPE (American College of medical Practice Executives) certification and the Fellowship Program, in groups with seven to 25 FTE physicians, displayed a greater median compensation compared to their peers who lacked ACMPE membership. Fellows and certified ACMPE members earned approximately $146,365 and $127,025 respectively, while those without such designation earned $116,481 on average.

“Strategic practice administration is now more important than ever, and a commitment to life-long learning through professional affiliations and credential programs are especially valuable to the health of the practice and the health of the practice administrator’s career,” said Susan Turney, MD, MS, FACP, FACMPE, MGMA-ACMPE president and CEO in a news release. “These professionals have access to up-to-date information and resources, as well as a network of peers to lean on to provide assistance and support in managing a practice.”

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The compensation details of 57 positions were reviewed for the survey, a cohort of titles that included human resources executive (median earnings of $100,565), operations manager (median earnings of $64,364), marketing and sales director (median earnings of $69,661) and many others.

The survey incorporated data from 7,907 managers in 1,306 practices — although, MGMA noted that surveys like this rely on voluntary participation and thus, may not be representative of the entire industry. “Readers are urged to review the entire survey report when making conclusions regarding trends or other observations,” MGMA associates suggested in a disclaimer.

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For more information on the survey, visit the MGMA/ACMPE website here.

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