Infographic: Just how big is Apple?

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Apple is known for being one of the biggest companies around, but just how big is it? In the year 2011, the company made an estimated $128 billion through sales alone. That means Apple has made more money than 160 nations make in a year.

If that's not impressive enough, consider the stock value of Apple. Not only is it the largest company on the stock market, valued at over $500 billion, but the company is worth nearly five times as much as Verizon and well over twice as much as Google.

In terms of product, Apple's most recent success was with the iPad. In the first 72 hours alone, the company sold over 3 million devices. That's nearly 700 iPads a minute or 11 iPads every second. Need another comparison? If a baby were born today and bought 100 iPads every day, it would take him 82 years to buy as many iPads as Apple sold in their first three days.

Source: BestComputerScienceDegrees


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