Infographic: Impact of health IT

Practicing clinicians have indicated strong support for the ability of health IT to overcome communication challenges among care providers. Considering that a series of Institute of Medicine reports on errors in healthcare have led to widespread recognition that siloed practices and inadequate communication are primary contributors to medical errors, continued endorsement for health IT will lead to better communication and enhanced quality of care.

The results come from the 2013 iHIT study conducted by HIMSS and HIMSS Analytics, released during HIMSS13, the organization's annual conference and exhibition. The study was designed to explore the role of health IT from an inter-professional communication perspective. More than 500 clinician respondents working in a care delivery setting provided information on the value of health IT in support of quality care.

According to the study, the health IT tools in place at the provider organizations of respondents support various clinical processes and provide improved access to the information needed to prepare for delivery of care. This includes having improved access to information needed on patients transferring to a clinician's unit/caseload, ultimately resulting in enhanced levels of patient care.

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