Infographic: The digital diagnosis

The digital age is redefining healthcare and many factors are driving this medical revolution. First, the Web has placed a world of healthcare information, medical resources and personal support at patients' fingertips, making it easier than ever to gain knowledge and insight. Secondly, the popularity of mobile devices has made more patients tech-savvy -- and they favor the convenience of digital access to healthcare that mobile devices and digital technology provide. In addition, a growing number of online healthcare forums offer patients places to connect with others facing similar conditions. Finally, medical providers and marketers are catching on to the digital healthcare trend and realizing the need to update their websites, launch social media pages, and participate online to meet the needs of patients, make their practices more efficient and stay competitive.

MDG Advertising's latest infographic illustrates how patients are becoming more empowered in their healthcare decisions and how physicians and healthcare marketers are evolving with this digital direction.

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Original infographic from MDG.