Does your LinkedIn profile contain overused buzzwords?

LinkedIn members who describe themselves as "creative" in their profiles may want to prove it by choosing another adjective. Analysis released Dec. 4 by the online professional network identified "creative" as the top overused buzzword in LinkedIn profiles in the United States (and globally, for that matter) in 2012.

LinkedIn, which has more than 187 million members worldwide, said its researchers aggregated adjectives used in the summary section of profiles and removed overused nouns (such as "mobile") and other irrelevant words. From that list, the analysts sorted words by frequency and determined the top 10 for each country.

"Organizational" and "effective" ranked second and third, respectively, among this year's top U.S. buzzwords. "Responsible" and "analytical" made the list for the first time, while "dynamic" and "communication skills" dropped off. Perhaps a sign of the times, LinkedIn reported that "motivated" is now ranked higher than "extensive experience," the top buzzword in 2010.

Click here to view the entire top 10 list.

LinkedIn blogger Simla Ceyhan offered some useful advice: "Your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to define your professional identity. Set yourself apart in the new year by wiping your profile clean of buzzwords."

Nicole Williams, another LinkedIn blogger, commenting on ways to stand out on the network, added that a polished image is an important part of a complete professional profile. "People with photos are seven times more likely to have their profiles viewed," Williams wrote. "A bare-bones profile and presence on LinkedIn suggests that you don't have stellar online networking skills," she noted.


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