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Costs of a cared-for nation

Procuring health insurance in order to cover expensive medical procedures such as transplants and specialized surgeries, as well as routine doctor visits and diagnostic testing, is not a viable option for some in this country. They slip through the cracks between employer-based coverage, purchasing private insurance and qualifying for government funded coverage. Those who are able to purchase health insurance on their own are finding the cost of coverage seems to fluctuate wildly from state to state. 

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As the population ages, the premiums climb higher, making it very difficult for those getting ready to retire to afford insurance once they are dropped by their employer. Young people who are just starting out in their careers struggle to afford healthcare without employer or government assistance. Oftentimes they make too much money to be considered for Medicare, but do not have enough disposable income to afford private health insurance. Add to that equation the fact that employer based coverage is not immune to the trend of higher costs. Out of pocket expense for both employees and the companies that hire them have just about doubled in the last five years. 

See for yourself the costs of a cared-for nation below:

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Infographic courtesy of Carrington College’s Medical Billing and Coding Program. [See also: Infographic: Why have healthcare costs increased since the Affordable Care Act?]

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