Small businesses stock up on coverage

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With October 1 less than two months out, the Obama administration is working diligently to prepare the healthcare industry for a most grueling undertaking — shopping.

Doctors who run their own practices, alongside other small business owners, are being prepped for an insurance coverage buying spree — imminent given the changes set to take place as a result of the healthcare reform law — via a website recently launched by the presidential administration on behalf of the Small Business Health Option Program (SHOP) and the Health Insurance Marketplace. The site currently serves as a FAQ precursor to its application capabilities, which will become available at the start of October, and aims to connect employers with information on tax credits as well as other provisions set forth by legislative bodies involved with the reform law.

“It’s important for small business owners to know the facts about the Affordable Care Act and delivers resources and need-to-know information through one streamlined tool,” said SBA Administrator Karen Mills, in a news release. “This website will prove to be an invaluable resource for small employers to learn how the law is ushering in better options for them and their employees.”

“The Affordable Care Act is providing better care and better choices for millions of Americans, and this is another great tool for employers to learn how they can offer health coverage that makes sense for their business and employees, and works for their bottom line,” added HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

The site will add a new dimension to coverage window-browsing, breaking down ACA-altered eligibilities and premium bargains for business owners with 50 employees or less by state.

Get prepared and acquainted with the Health Insurance Marketplace and SHOP here.

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