MGMA report checks in with on-call trends

Paging Dr. Stipend: MGMA report checks in with on-call trends

The results are in for the MGMA-ACMPE Medical Directorship and On-Call Compensation Survey: 2013 Report Based on 2012 Data, and for many on-call docs, pay varies by way of specialty and focus.

According to the report, the daily median compensation for physicians on standby ranges from $75 to $2,400. What’s more, those devoted to a surgical specialty claim an average of $1,000 in on-call compensation a day, while primary care physicians reported a consistent rate of $150.

“The number of organizations paying for call in some form or another appears to be increasing as new physicians enter the workforce,” said Jeffrey B. Milburn, MBA, CMPE, MGMA Health Care Consulting Group, in a prepared statement. “Call compensation may address multiple variables, and methodologies can range from being a fairly simple hourly rate or annual stipend to a more complex arrangement addressing time and additional subsidies for uninsured patients, retention of professional fees, and restricted or unrestricted call coverage.”

Over 3,950 providers from 295 groups and 1,422 medical directorships in 239 medical organizations participated in the sweeping survey. Alongside the basic compensation reveals, this year’s installation includes information outlining said returns through the practice ownership and medical group practice lenses. Data breakdowns based on location, practice/institution and specialty are also available.

Other key survey findings include:

All information and data courtesy of MGMA-ACMPE. Presentation by PhysBizTech.

Additionally, less that 1 percent reported receiving a weekly stipend for their on-call efforts and 3.39 percent were said to receive a monthly stipend.

Find a copy of the full report here.