Blackberry re-enters smartphone market

Canadian technology firm Research in Motion – now officially operating under the corporate name Blackberry – unveiled its new mobile computing platform, Blackberry 10, on Jan. 30. Two LTE-enabled smartphones, the all-touch Blackberry Z10 and the keyboard-embedded Blackberry Q10, will run on the new platform.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Z10, expected to be available in March with most U.S. wireless carriers, has earned "early raves" among product reviewers for its accurate auto-correct and predictive text functions. The Q10 is expected out in the April timeframe.

Citing IDC statistics, the New York Times reported that Blackberry held just 4.6 percent of the global market for smartphones in 2012, having lost massive ground in recent years to the iPhone and Android platforms. Nonetheless, the news source added that the consensus among analysts and app developers who have seen Blackberry's new platform – reportedly a year behind schedule in its release – was worth the wait.

CNN Money reported that Blackberry Balance, a function of the new platform that allows users to keep business and personal information separate on the device, should appeal to workplace users. Another feature lets users share video screens with each other.

At launch, there are approximately 70,000 apps available on the Blackberry 10 platform.

Photo attributed to Blackberry via Creative Commons license.