Securing Protected Health Information

The technology landscape has been drastically changed by the introduction of mobile devices. As the popularity of these devices grows, organizations are increasingly making use of mobile technologies to meet the demands of their employees and increase workflow efficiencies. However, as healthcare entities integrate these devices into their organizations they must overcome the security and policy challenges associated with their use.

The ability to access protected health information (PHI) increases as patients use mobile devices to track their health, providers convert to EHRs, and organizations share patient information across care settings with secure messaging, portals and health information exchanges. At the same time, and sometimes on the same devices, patients and providers are using social networks, patient portals, email, and losing mobile devices that may contain PHI. This Virtual Briefing provides the most current best practices from providers, organizations, and governmental agencies across the nation.

Best practices will be presented for:

  • Use of mobile devices and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy and practice
  • Secure use of social media, and
  • Secure provider-patient communication


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Event date: 

Tuesday December 11, 2012


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