PAHCOM 24th Annual Conference

Join us for three days (four if you come to the pre-conference events) of education and networking for managers of solo physician and small group physician practices. You wear many hats and are responsible for everything on the business side of your practice but you're only one person. How can you possibly keep up with all the change in regulations and deal with operational issues daily? The answer is to be active in your association, keeping those networks open, and resources at your fingertips!

We are celebrating our 24th year of professional development support to the medical practice industry and have a full plate lined up with more education and networking than ever. We're bringing you the best industry experts to speak on topics that affect you directly. And we're also bringing a ton of fun because you actually learn more when you're relaxed and enjoying yourself. If you're coming to the pre-conference events or arriving early Monday evening, plan to join us for a Fun Night optional networking event. Those of you who are not yet Certified Medical Managers, pay special attention to the pre-conference Monday events as the CMM Exam is being hosted at that time.

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Event date: 

Tuesday October 16, 2012 to Thursday October 18, 2012


Clearwater Beach, FL