Dual Eligibles Summit

Policymakers across the spectrum are recognizing the central role that health insurance plans play to bring better care coordination and improved outcomes to some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. As discussions on the future of Medicare and Medicaid continue, health plans will be called upon to meet fresh challenges. The insights you’ll gain at AHIP’s 2013 Medicare Conference, September 22-24, Dual Eligibles Summit, September 24th, and Medicaid Conference, September 25-26, will be critically important as you navigate this time of tremendous changes and opportunities. The programs, all held in Washington D.C., will highlight the key policy and operations topics that matter to your health plan and beneficiaries, and provide an unparalleled experience for those working on Medicare and Medicaid issues. http://ahip.org/Conferences/MCMCDualEligibles2013/

Event date: 

Tuesday September 24, 2013


Washington, DC