AHIP's Consumer Experience Forum Two Part of the Enhancing the Consumer Experience with Health Plans Educational Series

Great consumer companies have built their products with an eye for implementing practical, simple and beautiful design. So how does a health insurance plan think dynamically to create high-demand products that customers want? User-Centered Experience Design is a critical component in building and ensuring a customer experience aligned to, and consistent with, your company’s brand promise. Workshop (July 18, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm) - Implementing the Tenants of User-Centered Design This workshop has been developed for individuals looking for more in-depth training on the tenets of user-centered design theory. This workshop will present a practical guide to developing a common design language in your organization and help you put it into practice so your consumer experience improves dramatically. Attendees will learn: • What is user-centered design? • What are some examples of user centered design, good and bad? • What are the best techniques to create great customer experiences? • How can I learn these techniques and put them into practice? Forum (July 18-19) – Building the Consumer into Your Organizational Processes This forum will present in-depth sessions with experts in consumer-centered design, infrastructure considerations, and consumer focused strategies. This second meeting provides an opportunity for health insurance plan leaders to gain insights and network with the world’s best retail companies and advisors. Attendees will learn: • How do you create a consistent and intentional experience for your customers? • How should you reshape your distribution strategy in a post reform market? • How can you use retail partners to extend your brand and products? • How can you add new products into your existing distribution channel? • How do you drive customer acquisition and action through rewards?

Event date: 

Thursday July 18, 2013 to Friday July 19, 2013


Philadelphia, PA