Physicians will be a key part of making the ICD-10 transition successful. This post focuses on helping doctors become more comfortable with the new code sets.
Waiting for Theoden April 05, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
I guess I am just a perfectionist, expecting everything from a record, but why do I have to settle for an EMR by choosing the one that is "the least aggravating?"
Workplace smoking cessations programs, incentivized monetarily and with worker support/companionship, could make some serious ground on lessening tobacco use.
Is it innovation or improvement? April 03, 2013 | Arlen Meyers
Either improvements or innovations can result in minimal or spectacular improvements in outcomes.
CMS ramps up incentive program audits April 02, 2013 | Jeff Rowe
Any provider who receives a letter from Figliozzi & Co., a certified public accountant firm based in Garden City, N.Y., and selected by CMS in April 2012 to conduct audits associated with the EHR incentive programs, should reply as soon as possible.
Remote patient monitoring, part 2: Operational models April 01, 2013 | David Lee Scher, MD
There are different models of deployment of remote patient monitoring that affect investment by providers, return on investment of the process, and logistics and workflows, which I will discuss here.
In addition to learning new medical codes and buying new technology, healthcare organizations will challenges in several areas.
Say it ain't so, HIPAA! March 27, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
Dear, HIPAA: Are you a tool to protect, or are you a gag in the mouth of good care?
Physicians who participate in a new program will no longer find it necessary to charge patients for the costs associated with providing patients copies of their personal health information.
10 reasons why doctors make great entrepreneurs March 25, 2013 | Arlen Meyers
Conventional wisdom has it that "doctors are lousy buinesspeople" and, what's more, they should just take care of patients and leave the business stuff to someone else. In my opinion, the first part is not true and the second part is no longer sustainable.