Putting dollars toward building on a solid brand is much more efficient, for example, than having to spend resources on undoing inappropriate messaging or bad public relations.
Health plans tend to follow Medicare rates and do little to independently establish and negotiate price levels.
Comparative analytics solutions leverage the concepts of business intelligence but contextually compare that data against peers and other benchmarks.
Is the cure for cancer around the corner? May 07, 2013 | Zack Fisher
Targeting cancer stem cells is a viable therapeutic strategy, and many researchers and drug companies are enthusiastically embracing it in cancer therapy.
Throwing resources primarily at startups and not scaleups is a prescription for persistent failure.
Oncologists get serious about drug prices May 03, 2013 | David Williams
The federal government has done almost everything possible to make sure cost-effectiveness and overall costs are ignored in policy-making. Those closer to the action know better.
Solo practices show promise to persevere May 02, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns
As long as there is entrepreneurial vigor to be found in the men and women of medicine, there will be physicians prepared and dream-driven to serve their career days as both MD and MBA.
Telling a good story May 01, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
In some ways things are going about as well as could be expected with my new practice. The hard part has been that I have not been able to find tools to help me organize my business so it can run efficiently.
Sequester could doom funding for promising cancer research April 30, 2013 | Deborah J. Cornwall
In an environment where we are concerned about creating jobs, cutting research funding is not just shortsighted -- it is economically and morally wrong.
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