Working May 28, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
After fighting valiantly against the idea for the first two months, I succumbed to the necessity of building my own IT system and have been seeing the many benefits of that decision.
It surprises me that more than a year after the HIPAA 5010 deadline, some healthcare providers are figuring out that they can't rely on clearinghouses.
I believe many physicians would like to work for themselves if there were a viable way to make it happen.
Medical details on Oklahoma emergency May 21, 2013 | Frank Irving
Here is a recap of medical emergencies related to the severe storms and tornadoes that swept through sections of Oklahoma beginning May 18. Relevant information will be added to the top of this blog post as it becomes available.
The big data bubble May 20, 2013 | Arlen Meyers
Most doctors need targeted, small bits of information to make clinical decisions, not reams of data.
It's time our industry professionals address the integrity of information contained in EHRs, not just the technical and operational mechanisms for the sending and receiving of the information.
Acknowledging shortage from all sides May 16, 2013 | Madelyn Kearns
And although the attention is warranted, concern for the MD trade has seemingly left other occupational staples also in need of personnel supply — such as nurses — without much oversight.
I have to wonder if practice isn't a compelling enough reason for medical offices of all sizes to try dual coding.
More trouble May 14, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
I want my patients to see as few doctors, be sick as infrequently, and be on as few drugs as possible. I hope to wage an all-out assault on "more."
Putting dollars toward building on a solid brand is much more efficient, for example, than having to spend resources on undoing inappropriate messaging or bad public relations.