Not all clouds are created equal June 11, 2013 | Kurt Hagerman
With a cloud stack designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry, you can optimize your EMR/EHR system, improve medical billing, enhance patient outcomes, satisfy compliance regulations and more.
Solutions for your new data reality June 10, 2013 | Janice Nicholson
You simply cannot control the future success of your organization if you do not truly know your data.
Avandia: A drug that should be banned June 07, 2013 | Sidney Wolfe, MD
Since late 2010, when the diabetes drug Avandia was removed from the market in Europe because of its cardiovascular risks, approximately 132,000 Americans have been prescribed this dangerous drug, likely resulting in hundreds, or more, serious - and sometimes fatal - adverse reactions, including heart failure and heart attacks.
Planning a career transition June 06, 2013 | Arlen Meyers
Doctors who are contemplating a switch to bio-innovation and entrepreneurship have several options, including creating their own company, consulting, working with industry or becoming a service provider to life science entrepreneurs.
Do these esteemed health experts choose their own providers based just on the "organization" or do they do what I and everyone I know does, which is to give considerable weight to the individual physician they are going to see?
Doctor Scum Bag June 04, 2013 | Rob Lamberts, MD
Our system of "healthcare" doesn’t just fail to counter the flaws of our nature; it actively promotes bad relationships.
5 lessons healthcare can learn from project management June 03, 2013 | David Lee Scher, MD
Much of what I did as a practicing physician fit into standard practice management (PM) teaching. However, it helps to frame a discussion around PM today in the context of healthcare, because of how fragmented care delivery is.
If researchers could sift through ICD codes, they could find data to support medical theories and improve lives.
How do you get in touch and keep patients my age interested in acknowledging our health on a regular basis? Through our phones, our gadgets.
A call for patience May 29, 2013 | Eric Wicklund
With its preliminary guidelines for regulation of mobile medical apps, released in late 2011, the FDA wisely jumped into the fray and gave us a foundation. Soon the FDA will build the structure around that foundation to manage and control emerging apps.