Lots of folks are looking for jobs in life sciences and healthcare. And no wonder. It is one of the only remaining sectors that continues to see healthy job growth in an otherwise sputtering economy.
Why practice marketing and communications? January 18, 2012 | Cindy Thomas Wright
In a perfect or simple world, physicians wouldn't have to concern themselves with practice operations, documentation requirements, patient registration and, of all things, marketing. Instead, doctors and clinicians would just focus on diagnosing and treating patients.
I'd like to believe that wherever you live in the United States, your community, regional or state health information exchange (HIE) is becoming a household name these days, but frankly, we all know better.
Make healthcare data security a 2012 priority January 18, 2012 | Mac McMillan
It's 2012 and a new year, but I'm guessing your resolutions did not include learning more about privacy or data security. That's okay. Mine didn't either. That said, I am very excited about this new opportunity to talk about security with this community, and I hope you'll find it informative and useful.
This is the first in what I hope will be a useful series on the subject of ICD-10. My goal in writing is to offer clear, concise information about ICD-10 to physicians and physician practice managers, so they can focus on the key differences between the code sets — differences that actually matter for coding and documentation.
Drucker and Osler: business and medicine January 18, 2012 | Arlen Meyers
I recently was rereading parts of some of my favorite books and was struck by two passages by two giants in business and medicine: Peter Drucker, the management guru; and Sir William Osler, one of the founders of modern medical education.
Most people are relying on the stock market to provide for their retirement and other long term goals. However, the stock market has been nothing but disappointing for most people over the past decade. To be a successful investor, one important key is to understand the current secular cycle.
Payoffs not always clear with IT investments January 04, 2012 | Jeff Rowe
Investments are often risky, but the current huge investment in health IT seems to bring a particularly unique risk. Why? Well, because when you come right down to it it’s not always clear what the payoff is going to be.
A two-foot view of EHR adoption January 04, 2012 | Dave Roberts
Now that I’m over 50, I seem to have more and more opportunities to personally meet specialists in the healthcare community. My most recent experience was with a podiatrist in La Jolla, Calif. After complaining for almost six months — to anyone who would listen — that “my feet hurt,” and anticipating the marathon of HIMSS12, I finally called my family doctor who referred me to a local podiatrist. After the podiatrist diagnosed my problem and explained the long-term treatment protocol that would be needed, he asked if I had any other questions for him.
Industry action equals intelligence January 04, 2012 | James C. Bohnsack
Napoleon Hill, an American writer focusing on personal success, once said, “action is the real measure of intelligence.” I agree with this statement, and it is exciting to see that much of the healthcare industry does, too.