Use your EHR to support patient satisfaction

Practice marketing is all about patient satisfaction. Projecting a positive brand image is important to supporting and building patient satisfaction. While traditional advertising and public relations can be important to communicating your brand, your practice really has to "live the brand," in front of the patient, on the phone and with every transaction you make. Electronic health records (EHRs) can support this image of patient satisfaction.

Jay Anders, MD, is chief medical information officer for MED3OOO and oversees development of clinical information systems, including the firm's new EHR InteGreat with Quippe Technology. He also leads the EHR Physician Advisory Committee representing the needs and requirements of the physician community, and serves as an advocate in promoting the use of information technology in the clinical setting.

According to Dr. Anders, “Marketing for practices is all about patient satisfaction, and the EHR can go a long way in terms of improving patient satisfaction.”

Once you move to electronic records, physicians and staff no longer have to search for paper records, which gives a renewed sense of organization. You can respond to a patient more quickly, on the phone and in the examination room. Lab work and prescription orders are provided instantly, and documentation boosts accuracy.

This image of modernism, accuracy and efficiency is projected to every patient. It tells them you are a forward-thinking team, one that is all about using the best technology for patient care. Isn’t that the brand every practice wants to project?

Cindy Thomas Wright has practiced marketing and communications for more than 25 years. She owns a strategic marketing and communications firm, Thomas Wright Partners, that works with leaders in healthcare, industry and government to develop brands and programs that build consensus, grow business and affect change. 

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