See you in OtherOtherland

U.S. healthcare is undergoing rapid change. How long do you have to wait, however, before the game clock runs out? To thrive in these turbulent times, you will need five skills. Four of them you probably did not learn in medical school or residency.

1. An entrepreneurial and innovative mindset
Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity with the goal of creating user-defined value by deploying innovation using uncontrolled resources. Innovate or die.

2. Managerial skills to maximize practice productivity
Different from entrepreneurship and innovation, practice management is about operational excellence and maximizing productivity.

3. Leadership skills
Healthcare is now a team sport. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

4. A new business model
Fee-for-service, face-to-face care is a dead model and will bankrupt you. Accept new models of non-face-to-face care with integration.

5. State-of-the-art clinical skills
The whole point of items 1-4, after all, is to create systems that sustain you so you can continue to do what you thought you were trained to do -- take care of patients.

You can struggle practicing Obamacare, or, you can change to practicing Othercare. Your choice. See you in OtherOtherland.