Massachusetts consortium aims to help members prepare for ICD-10 implementation

Last week, the Mass Health Data Consortium announced the launch of The ICD-10 Project.

The consortium is a statewide collection of healthcare providers, health plans, industry associations, government agencies and health technology services companies. The ICD-10 Project aims to reduce costs and improve preparation of ICD-10 implementation for its members.

The goals are:

  • Advance collaboration from knowledge exchange to collective action.
  • Bring objectivity and neutrality to identify and mitigate risks to all participants.
  • Minimize duplication of effort and investment in the people, processes and technologies to assess, remediate and test.
  • Leverage benefits of common test data, code sets, groupings, scenarios and remediation strategies.
  • Prioritize and accelerate problem resolution.
  • Align schedules and timelines along common critical path.
  • Support smaller healthcare providers with access to tools, timelines, shared resources, and education and awareness collateral.

This kind of collaboration can make a big difference for smaller providers. It gives them access to a lot of knowledge and testing partners.

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