Employment equals education and experience plus connections and coaching

Lots of folks are looking for jobs in life sciences and healthcare. And no wonder. It is one of the only remaining sectors that continues to see healthy job growth in an otherwise sputtering economy. But the numbers are deceiving. At the local level, finding the right job can be difficult and will probably take longer than you thought it would.

Finding a job, particularly if you have relocated to a new place or are about to phase out of one employment situation to another -- like being discharged from the armed forces or following a spouse to another location for professional or personal reasons -- will require four things. Employment (E) = E2+C2, where E equals education and experience and C equals connections and coaching.

If you are thinking about a new career or job, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to work for myself or someone else?
  2. Do I have the education, experience, connections and coaching to land the right situation?
  3. Am I willing to sacrifice and make a lateral or down move to get them?
  4. What would be my "dream job" and what are the steps I would need to take to get it?
  5. Have I done a personal SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) to assess my gaps?

Finding a new job or career will usually take more time and effort than you thought. Before you start your journey, take some time to create a plan based on the answers to these questions and remember that Employment= E*2 + C*2. You do the math.

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