CMS seeks comment on ICD-10 readiness assessment

One of the challenges of preparing for ICD-10 implementation is understanding what it means to be ready. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is working on that.

On Aug. 10, the Federal Register published a notice that CMS is seeking comment on how to assess ICD-10 readiness:

"Revision of a currently approved collection; Title: ICD-10 Industry Readiness Assessment; Use: The Congress addressed the need for a consistent framework for electronic transactions and other administrative simplification issues in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Public Law 104-191, enacted on August 21, 1996. Through subtitle F of title II of HIPAA, the Congress added to title XI of the Social Security Act (the Act) a new Part C, entitled ``Administrative Simplification.'' Part C of title XI of the Act now consists of sections 1171 through 1180, which define various terms and impose several requirements on HHS, health plans, health care clearinghouses, and certain health care providers concerning the transmission of health information. Specifically, HIPAA requires the Secretary of HHS to adopt standards that covered entities are required to use in conducting certain health care administrative transactions, such as claims, remittance, eligibility, and claims status requests and responses. Findings from the ICD-10 industry readiness assessment will be used by CMS to understand each sector's progress toward compliance and to determine what communication and educational efforts can best help affected entities obtain the tools and resources they need to achieve timely compliance with ICD-10. Insights gleaned from the proposed research will be valid for education and outreach purposes only, and will not be used for policy purposes. Form Number: CMS-10381 (OCN: 0938-1149); Frequency: Annual; Affected Public: Private Sector-- Business or other for-profits, Not-for-profits; Number of Respondents: 1,200; Total Annual Responses: 1,200; Total Annual Hours: 204. (For policy questions regarding this collection contact Rosali Topper at 410-786-7260. For all other issues call 410-786-1326.)"

You can comment on the notice until Oct. 9.

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