Can a doctor be a caring physician and a savvy businessperson?

As physicians we spend all our time learning our trade, studying, reading, practicing and honing our surgical skills. Patient care is an art and over many years we learn this art as well. One thing we are not taught is the business of medicine -- avoiding financial mistakes, including signing the wrong contract or hiring the wrong vendor – as well as human resource issues, retirement issues, implementing technology and negotiating.

It is possible to be a caring physician and a savvy businessperson, and is critical to your happiness and success. It’s not about the money as it is as much about the avoidance of mistakes that cause headaches. The reality is our happiness is tied to our financial success as well as a pleasant working atmosphere and joy of profession – and all of this ties to making the right decisions. Decisions we are not prepared for through our medical school training.

Unique opportunities like the Medical Entrepreneur Symposium provide a venue where physicians can interact with experts and leading companies in technology, electronic health records, practice management, billing services, cosmetic medicine, entrepreneurship, insurance, finance, payroll services and even companies that enable medical practices to innovatively add additional revenue streams. Some of the largest companies in the world will be sponsoring talks and the meeting including Citrix GotoMeeting, ADP AdvancedMD , Bernstein Wealth Management, Allergan Cosmetic, Obagi , Merz Aesthetics and BTL Exilis.

Click here to find out more about the symposium, which will take place March 29 through April 1 in Delray Beach, Fla.

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