How an EHR helps with practice efficiency

How an EHR helps with practice efficiency

Efficient is the word that Mike Jordan, MD, of East Lake Pediatrics, P.A. in Trinity, Fla., would use to describe the information technology in use in his practice. Jordan chose to use an EHR from the very first day he opened his practice back in 2004.

An efficient office is also an organized one, and Jordan says this is paramount whether there is a parent calling with concerns about a sick child or when one is waiting to be seen.

The practice's EHR allows providers to quickly pull up patients' charts, which means instead of staff wasting time searching for paper charts, patients can be seen on a more timely basis, according to Jordan, making for happy patients and staff.

When providers and nursing staff receive a call, their EHR provides a “snapshot” of the patient's chart that allows them to know what has been going on with the patient and helps them “intelligently address [parents'] concerns,” said Jordan. And that goes for when providers are on call as well, he added.

Being able to pull up a patient's chart anytime, anywhere also mean that patients can be seen at either one of the practice's locations, which is “very convenient for families,” explained Jordan. If patient charts need to be transferred, they are “easy to send and legible,” he noted.

“[The EHR] is organized in a way that you are able to see everything,” said Jordan. That organization helps prevent duplication and unnecessary visits. It also means that a child's parents won't have to make another appointment because he missed his booster shot at his last appointment.

In addition, the technology provides health guidelines about wellness visits, and alerts for immunizations, tests and medication allergies.

Jordan is also a big fan of his e-prescribing system. He said it not only is more convenient for patients because it cuts down on wait time, but “if there is a concern about the prescription, the pharmacist can usually call us before the patient leaves.”

And that's another way that the EHR makes practice operation more efficient.