FAQs address proxies and amendments

EHR FAQs address proxies and amended attestations

In its ongoing quest to keep you fully informed about the EHR Incentive Programs, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has added new and updated information to its FAQ system.

A new question addresses what happens to incentive payments if a provider retires or opts out of Medicare/Medicaid. In the event of such a change to the provider's status, can he/she still collect an incentive payment?

The short answer is that eligibility to receive an incentive payment is tied to being an active provider in the Medicare program. However, the program allows for a third-party proxy user to attest on the retiring or opting-out provider's behalf under certain conditions. Click here for the full answer.

An updated question asks if attestation information submitted for the EHR Incentive Programs can be updated, changed, cancelled or withdrawn after successful submission in the EHR Registration and Attestation System.

The short answer is that a provider cannot amend information after his/her submitted attestation has been "locked for payment" or had an incentive payment issued. A Return Payment/Withdrawal Form is available if necessary to withdraw an attestation. Click here for the full explanation.

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