4 ways to makeover your marketing

With 2013 barely out of first gear, the time to make improvements to certain practice stratagems remains, ever-presently, in the now.

Considering concierge? Earnest about a new EHR system? Mix those thoughts with a little action and see if they float. If they sink, it’ll take but a moment of your time, but if they persevere, there’s an entire year to establish buoyancy and a practice lifetime to preserve success.

Perhaps entire technological and billing conduct overhauls are not on the docket — nevertheless, smaller alterations can still yield considerable results. One quick fix to give your practice a new sheen can arise within marketing tweaks. On the topic of medical marketing makeovers, Scott Lorenz, president of Westwind Communications, lists and elaborates on the following steps physicians can take to catapult practice image to the next sterling level for the unraveling year.

1. Determine the practice areas you would like to promote.
“There’s no point in promoting a procedure that has tight margins. It’s best to promote the high-ticket and higher margin elective procedures over the ones that don’t produce a big enough profit. You’ll catch the lower margin items because of your overall marketing effort anyway.”

2. Obtain local TV and radio coverage.
“Getting a local medical reporter to cover your practice or a new procedure can bring in hundreds of patients. Getting TV coverage can change a medical practice dramatically. But, just sending a press release won’t work. You have to craft a story, you need a patient willing to be interviewed and you need an interesting procedure.” 

3. Position the doctor as an expert.
“Members of the media want to talk to an expert. Pick the practice area where you can shine and where you are the expert and then carve out a niche by leading seminars, becoming a professor at a university or writing articles for consumers and your peers. Many clients of mine write books which immediately separates them from their peers, and the media and the public grant a higher status on authors.”

4. Create or update your website.
“Your website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don’t have a website, make that the absolute highest priority for 2013. If your site is five years old or more, create a new one. People use iPhones and other smartphones for searches and depending upon who you believe, upwards of 20 percent of all searches are conducted on these devices. Your five-year-old website was most likely not created with smartphones in mind, so you are missing this important market segment. Don’t believe me? Take your iPhone, Google your practice and then click on the link. How does it look? Does it load fast? Does it fit nicely into the screen? If not, call your web developer and have them get going on this…yesterday.”